Sony’s Network Video Management System Delivers Expanded Recording, Content Management and Monitoring

by Sony Pro Team 04/05/2016, in Press, Sony Professional, Security

Network video recorder & network video management software support all levels of network camera formats, including 4K 
NVR Standard side

LAS VEGAS (ISC West, Booth 23057) April 5, 2016Sony’s new Network Video Management System — network video recorders (NVR) and server-based video management software — gives professionals a customizable and flexible solution for managing, storing and analyzing content. This system is designed for a range of commercial video capture applications, including city surveillance, transportation, financial services and education.

NVR Enterprise front

The new recorder and software system supports a variety of IP camera formats, up to the newest 4K technologies including Sony’s 4K network cameras. The addition of a recording and content management solution capable of supporting 4K strengthens Sony’s 4K line-up, offering more options for different markets and budgets.


“This new NVR and software expands support for an organization’s overall operations,” said Atsushi Seki, Director, Business Development at Sony Electronics. “They support a range of camera systems, including 4K recording as the demand for higher resolution increases. 4K image capture now combined with 4K recording lets users benefit from the detail-packed data of 4K high resolution to improve their situational awareness and detail recognition capabilities.”


Key features of the new network video management system include:

  • Local or remote live view/playback and search capabilities.
  • Multi-client support on a wide range of devices including PCs, tablets and smartphones.
  • Enhanced search functions, such as event or time, to increase the efficiency of system operations.
  • Situational awareness and detail recognition capabilities which support Sony’s unique features – Intelligent Cropping, both static and dynamic as well as Evidence Shot, which captures the camera’s highest resolution.
  • Flexibility to work with analytics embedded in new cameras.
  • Support for the complete Sony network camera line-up, including 4K cameras.


Small to mid-sized business and enterprise optionsNVR Standard front


Sony’s new network video management system will be available in two editions: Standard, for small to mid-sized businesses, and Enterprise, for larger organizations. The Standard edition offers improved functionality and the Enterprise edition is designed to fulfill user needs for large systems using many cameras.


The Standard edition enables the connection of up to 288 cameras, with support for 40 cameras per unit for the NVR.


The Enterprise edition enables the connection of up to 4096 cameras, with support for 100 cameras per unit when using the NVR. With Smart Wall, an additional fee-based feature, Enterprise users can use multi monitor capabilities to better see crucial areas.


NVR Enterprise sideThe new network video management system also offers an option for users to protect their technology investments as video and content management needs change or expand. Sony’s Software Update Plan (SUP) is a fee-based method for customers to upgrade their systems when new features and functionalities are introduced.


The new video management software is planned to be available in July 2016 and NVR is planned to be available in December 2016.